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Can stress cause dementia?

Can Stress cause Dementia?

Throughout my 16 years of experience working with Alzheimer’s/Dementia clients and family members and staff, I trained myself constantly. I went to many seminars and conferences possible to increase my knowledge about this difficult and challenging disease.

I decided to resign from my position and dedicate my life to solving these challenges. Observing my resident’s progress led me to the conclusion that there had to be a more holistic, proactive, and possibly, a preventive way of dealing with this disease. So that I could explore a new approach preventing Dementia/Alzheimer’s.

During my experience, studies, and research, I found the link between chronic stress and dementia. Chronic stress impairs our brain functions. When we are in constant stress, it kills brain cells in our hippocampus (part of our brain), than even when we are not stressed, the damage remains.  Stress is an epidemic that affects everyone in some way or another, but we need to learn how to manage it efficiently.  If we don’t manage stress we end up physically, mentally and emotionally impacted in a negative way.

For this reason, I am dedicated to providing a holistic integrative health and change of habits to my clients throughout my coaching techniques. The number of people suffering from chronic stress, emotional eating or eating disorder, has increased and continues to grow. That’s why I believe that I need to be proactive and to work with professionals and/ or anybody who can benefit from my program, who is suffering and need ways to cope with stress or emotions before it is too late.

With all the experience and learning throughout the years, I decided to work as a holistic life and health coach to help clients who are overwhelmed, constantly worried, and/or chronically stressed with low energy, brain fog, negative mood or emotional eating to improve their brain health and healthy lifestyle.

I also provide educational tools to the community that has poor or limited knowledge about Dementia to promote brain health, since it affects and will affect numerous people in this country and around the world.  For more information  Work with me

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