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How To Stop Stress-Eating For Good

If you find yourself reaching for a snack each time you’re stressed, you might be more than just a food lover. Understanding the role your brain plays in determining your response to a stressful situation is important.

Those who use the right hemisphere of their brain are more anxious, pessimistic, and focused on problems rather than solutions. More than low-calorie food recipes or diet programs, you need to figure out the cause of your impulsive eating habit and then take action to gain control over it.

Here are a few but effective ways to develop long-lasting healthy eating behavior.

Become Mindful

As per a study, women who received mindfulness training to learn how to reduce stress-eating gained better control over their unhealthy eating habits. The training included exercising stress reduction techniques, recognizing hunger, and paying attention to the taste.

By practicing greater mindfulness, you’ll learn how to correctly identify your feelings and come to terms with unpleasant ones. The next time you feel an urge to stress-eat, you’ll have an easier time fighting it.

Be Compassionate To Yourself

We often find it easier to be kind to our friends. However, when it comes to our own selves, it’s a whole other matter. Self-compassion is a skill that you need to master to overcome impulsive eating.

Get A Brain Coach

I have always maintained that it’s essential to understand your brain type to fully tackle problems within all its regions. I offer online coaching services which use cognitive science-based techniques to successfully align the brain to optimize functionality.

The Right Brain Coaching Plan

I’m an expert in working with both the conscious and unconscious mind.  One of the reasons why I’m passionate as a Brain Health Coach is to help people conquer their goals and effectively address their life problems. This approach helped me overcome my life-long push-and-pull with food and I’m sure it’ll help you too!

You need a coaching plan that’s customized according to your needs and optimize brain health to fix the problems you deal with easily.

To find your type, sign up for a free consultation here and begin your journey to healthy eating!

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