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The Key To Transforming Yourself

What’s the key to transforming yourself?

You can become a master of your transformation by changing the way you think and feel.

I love to practice what I have learned. I have been committed to improving all areas of my life and I also teach others to do the same. I want to live a fulfilled life despite bad circumstances. I love learning from others who have done it and I do my best to be consistent so that I can change my habits, my daily rituals and my life in a positive way.

I have noticed a big improvement in my transformation journey because of this. So now, I want to share with you step by step what I learned and practiced so you can master your transformation as well. I have created blog posts and videos for this.

So how did I start? It is by changing the way I perceive myself (I used all senses to practice this). Every morning, I envision my purpose: fulfillment, success and support for others.

In my study of the brain (I am also a Certified Brain Health Practitioner), I’ve learned that there is a part that is called Reticular Activating System (RAS) located in the brain stem. Its primary job is to filter and prioritize sensory information to let the mind be focused and alert.

Can you imagine if you remember every single thing that happens in your life? There could be sensory/memory overload and less focus! That’s why you only remember some events in your life that are important (good or bad). This part of the brain is very important in helping you focus and stay alert when you need or want to.

Knowing that, I practice this quote every day as a mantra, “What you focus on expands”. I know my brain can focus on what I want. So I perceive myself far greater than I am and how I want to be. With only that exercise, I have personally witnessed an amazing shift in me. You can, too! You can start to step into becoming who you want to be even with all the challenges in life.

I realized that the external circumstances could not influence my self-being. All my life, I used excuses to feel like I was always the victim. I always called for attention. I felt I was not good enough or smart enough. Nothing was making me feel fulfilled.

My biggest obstacle was fear and doubt about myself. But the most valuable thing I learned is that every single person who has to succeed at something (business, family, health, wealth), they all felt the same fear and doubt about themselves at one point in their lives. So I changed my way of thinking and visualized how to overcome these feelings.

If you have struggle or feel that you have disadvantages over other people, I can ask you this question. Do you know how many people in this world have faced big struggles and yet still managed to succeed? I recommend you to read this book called The Underdog Advantage by Dean Graziosi. You will learn how to turn your disadvantages into superpowers and to change and transform your life.

My advice for today is to start paying attention (be more mindful) about the way you think and who you want to become.

If you want to transform not only your life but also transform the life of others, I can teach you in my eight-week course step by steps how to do it. Work with me.

Wishing You A Happy and Healthy New Years!


Photo by Crazy nana on Unsplash

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