Your Coach, Luz Jaramillo

My challenges with eating disorder and learning difficulties as well as my love working with people as a social worker helped me find my passion!

Now as a certified life coach and bestselling author, I’ve developed a program to help those with overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, high levels of stress, low self- esteem, lack of confidence, want to lose weight, or unable to manage emotions to learn empowering ways to achieve the desired goal while improving health and well-being.

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How the Program Works

During the 1:1 session or course of 8 weeks, you’ll be taken through a holistic coaching program that uses cognitive, science-based techniques with the latest neuroscience research, and promotes a healthy lifestyle, so you can lead a happy, fulfilling and prosperous life.

Identify Stressors

Your brain’s behaviors and limiting factors will be identified. We’ll focus on disabling the part of the brain that triggers overeating, unmanaged emotions or stress.

Making positive changes

Different techniques will be discussed depending on your needs. Lifestyle changes, as well as mindfulness techniques, emotional intelligence and intuitive eating, will be suggested to achieve health and well-being.

Optimize your brain & body

Health and other personal and professionals goals will be achieved using mindfulness approaches, neuroplasticity, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) among other techniques, depending on your needs

Being Healthy Inside and Out

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Cognitive Science-Based Techniques

You’ll learn to love and take care of your brain and improve its alignment with your body, so you can easily achieve your personal and professional goals.

Changing limited beliefs

You’ll identify beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your true potential.

Achieving personal & health goals

You’ll change bad habits and behaviors, neutralize painful memories to become a confident and self-assured individual.

Wake up excited, happy and passionate about life!

Contact me for a free 30 minutes consultation
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Luz is an empathic coach and she genuinely cares about the psychological and physical wellbeing of her clients. She was incredibly patient and quick to come up with new ideas when I failed to turn plans into achievements! Ann Turner   Industrial/Organizational Psychologist & Work Performance Coach- South Africa


I was constantly tired, stressed at home, and work. I used food as a comfort for my daily life. Luz calmed me down and showed me different techniques to decrease my emotional eating and better ways to cope with stress. I am happier, love the program. I highly recommend her services.     Sonia Fernandez- Spain


The 8 weeks coaching program was great. I learned about how our brain functions, and connects with the body. I was able to change my habits and developed more control over my emotions and food. I love the techniques and they are very easy to follow up.  I would highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to improve the relationship with food while losing weight.       Allison Greenberg- New York


I was stuck with a lot of negativity and that inevitably. food has been my medicine but my worst enemy.  Brainbodycoach program helped me turn around all those negative beliefs and be able to eat like a normal person. I also look great. In fact, it took me only 5 sessions to completely rewire my mind and everyone notice the physical and mental changes. Kim  Baker- London


After putting over three decades at work and retiring, I was left with a lot of brain fog, poor focus, constantly lethargic and obese. With the techniques Luz taught me, I now have better focus, I am happier, energetic and the most important, I look great.  Love the program and Luz's coaching!     Andrea Kaplan- New York

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