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Everyone goes through low phases in life every now and then, but problems arise when you can’t seem to pull yourself out. If you’re an emotional eater or eat compulsively, or are stressed continuously or low self-esteem and lack of confidence – I can help you to find the solution.  My coaching sessions use cognitive science-based techniques and the latest neuroscience research, that align the brain and body to maximize functionality and achieve personal and professional goals.

What I offer

You have the option of choosing from single online sessions with your coach Luz or you can enroll in our 8-week program.

Single Online Session


If you are looking to maximize your potential, be able to either stop eating emotionally or compulsively, cope with stress, lose weight, enhance your well-being and happiness, achieve life and professional goals, manage your weight, and/or boost brain power, you are in the right place.
I will make it easier for you; I will provide a step by step methods to find the solution to your problem with quick health tips, lifestyle changes all tailored to meet your specific needs, creating positive change in your life with life-enriching techniques and mindfulness approaches that will transform your life for the better. These simple techniques work wonders in enhancing brain functionality and well-being for success and health.

8 Week Sessions


If you’re suffering from either overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, chronic stress, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and want to improve your personal and professional well-being, then personalized coaching 8-week program is for you. The 8-week program is designed to address deeper issues that are preventing you from obtaining your goals.

In each session, you’ll learn something new. During the earlier sessions of the program, you’ll gain an understanding of how your brain works and the issues that are causing the issue that you cannot manage. You’ll learn about the impact that has on your brain and body. Once those problems are identified, we’ll work together to develop goals to work toward.

In the following weeks, you will learn NLP techniques, emotional freedom technique (EFT), mindfulness approaches, emotional intelligence, visualization, neuroplasticity and other amazing techniques to enhance the brain’s functionality and behaviors that are the cause of the emotional eating, overeating, binge eating, lack of confidence, or constant stress.

The right mindset for success, change bad habits, enhance mood, boost energy levels, eliminate Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) and offer emotional healing and gratification all tailored to your needs.

After the program is over, eating emotionally or compulsively, constantly feeling stress or overwhelmed, lack of confidence or low self-esteem or unable to handle your emotions, should have reduced significantly if not completely and you will have the foundation needed for ongoing health and well-being.  Go to shop for the 8 week program to sign in.


Through our 8 week course you’ll learn to:

  • Break bad habits and change toxic behaviors
  • Achieve your goals
  • Neutralizing destructive memories by rewiring the brain
  • Take steps towards the life you’ve always wanted
  • Be more confident
  • Be more self-aware and practice mindfulness
  • Heal yourself from binge eating, emotional eating, or overeating.
  • Better manage stress
  • Optimize your emotional intelligence
  • Love and accept yourself.
  • Enhance your well-binge and happiness
  • Embrace healthy habits to optimize your brain and body

You are in the right place and I am here to help you.

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