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Emotional eating and dementia

If you have problems with food, I am sure that is the reason for you to be reading this. You may have tried different diets, read many books, look at the internet, and nothing seems to work.

Because I suffered from an eating disorder, I understand how you feel. I work with all clients who have problems with food, suffer from emotional eating, craving or just for you, who want to boost your brain while you feel and look great.

Recent studies have shown that it is a big chance that people who have food addictions, obesity, diabetic, chronic stress or health condition, are more vulnerable to have dementia. I work to prevent brain diseases such as dementia/Alzheimer’s.  My goal is brain health. This is not a diet plan or an exercise plan, it is a lifestyle change.

We both will create an individualized plan that works better for you and your needs.  I will teach you important information and we will use different techniques and tools to achieve your goal. I will be your support and guide. this coaching program is suggested for up to 6 to 12 months to see real results and changes in your brain that is the responsibility for your eating habits.

I use a therapeutic program that involves comprehensive techniques modify diet habits, brain stimulation, stress relief, exercise, sleep optimization, appropriate vitamins, and multiple additional steps that affect brain chemistry for an optimum brain and body.

The speed and dedication depend on you. If you are done with everything you have tried, and you are really committed to doing your best, then click here Work with me. I am here to work with you.eating-disorder-diploma

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