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Do you suffer from emotional eating?


Are you an emotional Eater? Do you want to stop eating constantly, but found it has been impossible? Do you want to lose weight but cannot follow any diet? Do you eat because you are upset, stressed, in a bad mood, suffering from a trauma, and/or find a reason to eat?

Or do you find that you cannot even start the diet because you snack throughout the day and cannot follow it? Do you just think that you are simply a “food lover” and are convinced that you never will stop? Does it happen to you that when you finish your food you feel depressed, anxious, guilty, bloated and fatter?

What you need to start changing is your brain. That is the secret

What not everyone knows is that every part of the brain works differently for every person. If you tend to use the left hemisphere of your brain  you may be more logical, more precise, detail-oriented, a better communicator, happier.

But if you relay more on the right hemisphere you are more creative, but at the same time more anxious, fearful, negative, focus on problems, etc.

To give you an example to help you understand better, people who have problems with the pre-frontal cortex (which is the supervisor of the brain) which is responsible for impulse and mood control, often suffer from bad habits such as smoking and obesity.

The anterior cingulate function (the gear shifter) is the region of the brain responsible for attention, cognitive flexibility, cooperation and decision making and emotional regulation. There is some condition affecting the anterior cingulate.

If it is too low, you may have low motivation and very emotional and sensitive. Or it is too high you tend to be more argumentative, oppositional, and it is the cause of the compulsions and addictions such as an eating disorder.

Most of the best well-known professionals in weight loss only give you the best recipes and diet and fitness program, but for some of us, it is a waste of money. At least it was for me. firs, you need to know your brain and how it works.

Knowing your brain type and what problems you have inside every region of your brain is essential to find the best coaching plan for your own specific needs and that will help you fix any problem easily.

Recognizing if you have problems with the food is the first step to beginning to successfully accomplish those physical changes.   That is one of the reasons why I completed my certification as a Brain Health Coach to help you identify why you cannot stop eating and keep the weight off as well as address other problems in your life.

If it worked for me, when I had problem with food all my life, I am sure it will work for you.   I work with the conscious and unconscious mind.  To help you find your type, sign here for a Free consultation.


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