Stress, loneliness, and low productivity are things we all go through from time to time. However, if left unchecked, they can begin to impact your daily life. Although it’s not always clear why we feel the way we do, you don’t have to remain vulnerable to poor mental wellbeing. By understanding how your brain functions, you can neutralize painful memories, become more self-aware, and enhance your overall health. It’s time to say goodbye to stress
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Why should every entrepreneur optimize brain health? Working with my clients I have discovered that we all need coping techniques to deal with stress, or emotions, and we forget to optimize our brain health. For that reason, I decided to study how stress affects the brain in professionals, retired professionals, and the discoveries changed my life. Since then, I dedicated my time to improve the quality of life and well-being of my clients. I found in
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  Are you an emotional Eater? Do you want to stop eating constantly, but found it has been impossible? Do you want to lose weight but cannot follow any diet? Do you eat because you are upset, stressed, in a bad mood, suffering from a trauma, and/or find a reason to eat? Or do you find that you cannot even start the diet because you snack throughout the day and cannot follow it? Do you just
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Can Stress cause Dementia? Throughout my 16 years of experience working with Alzheimer’s/Dementia clients and family members and staff, I trained myself constantly. I went to many seminars and conferences possible to increase my knowledge about this difficult and challenging disease. I decided to resign from my position and dedicate my life to solving these challenges. Observing my resident’s progress led me to the conclusion that there had to be a more holistic, proactive, and
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If you have problems with food, I am sure that is the reason for you to be reading this. You may have tried different diets, read many books, look at the internet, and nothing seems to work. Because I suffered from an eating disorder, I understand how you feel. I work with all clients who have problems with food, suffer from emotional eating, craving or just for you, who want to boost your brain while
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Are you forgetful at work or at home? Are you afraid that you have Dementia? When you are 40 and older and start forgetting words more often and getting confused at times, it may be because you are overwhelmed, constantly worried, and/or chronically stressed. It is normal that you are concerned if you may have dementia or will have it when you get older. You need to take action as soon as possible  before it